Monday, July 12, 2010

Scout Camp!

First day, and they had to be rescued: Forgot their scout nets!
Thank you to the Bachs!

EVERYBODY had to pass the swim test, even Scoutmaster Jarrod.

There were lots of opportunities to shoot.

The boys were really crashing their cousin's camp in New Hampshire, thanks Kaleb!

One of Porter's favorite activities.

Do you know your dominant eye?

Wood working during quiet times.

Tanner's favorite activity.

Welcome home!


Becky said...

It was a nice, quiet week without them but it sure was FUN to have them back. :) Come back again next year!!!

Jenny said...

It's always more fun to go with cousins!

NeeNee said...

How fun for the boys! I'm glad they had a chance to go this year. Michael and Samuel just got back this last Saturday from camp. I'll get pictures up soon.