Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Presidential Picture

BYU President Worthen 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Shining Star!

\"Miller is a Shining Star at Oak Woods. He is smart, hard-working, kind and a good friend. Miller is always looking for a way to help others. He always participates and provides thoughtful answers. He loves reading and math. He looks for others who have needs and is always the first one to help. He is a sweet boy and wonderful to have in class."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What are you THANKFUL for?

Dear Boys,

Last night for family home evening, Sawyer had us say two things which we were thankful for. I wasn't sure Breyer would understand what he was asking, but she immediately answered, "Jelly beans and ballet."

A ? comes to mind, but she made us all smile.

Have a wonderful day!



Monday, November 17, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Tanner and Hunter,

What a week! Your grandparents were here through Wednesday evening. You'll remember last week's Skype phone could you forget? Your grandfather's unexpected appearance in his pajamas, with all the laughs, was memorable. Your grandparents grew to love Granbury while they were here. The historic square was walked, the stores were perused, the library was visited and the used books were bought, the bookcases in a ten mile radius were measured, the golf swings assessed, the restaurants sampled...

...the basketball dribbling discussed...

...the princesses dissected...

...the culinary concoctions eaten, the mending darned, the wash cleaned, the errands run, the door fixed...we did all that needed to be done and then some.

To avoid traffic driving to the airport, and the cost of a shuttle service, Jarrod drove them the night before to the Marriott, wherein they enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and shuttle ride to the airport. May the odds be ever in my favor with another visit!

Thursday evening I went to the elementary school for Miller's first grade Thanksgiving play. He was adamant about his displeasure in being forced to participate. He was a preacher ("amen!"), a cute dancer, a satisfactory singer, and an enthusiastic exit-er.

Yesterday Dad and I went to Porter's second scrimmage. He's working with a new coach, that finally finished the football season and is now available to coach. He played most of the game...definitely a player you can tell they're very interested in developing to their way of playing basketball.

Cooper found out after going through basketball try outs all week that he did not make the team. We're thrilled he did this all on his own, and he's content to continue practicing his clarinet after school in the band room instead.

Miller found a blue blazer hanging in his closet yesterday, that I had pulled out of his bucket, and had an affinity for blazers moment that I would never had guessed would be possible from him. After his bath Saturday evening he ironed his white shirt and tie, and got dressed in his Sunday clothes so he could see what he looked like in his blazer. He loved it. He didn't want to take it off. Short of letting him sleep in it, I convinced him he wouldn't like it as much wrinkled so he took it off and carefully laid it on the bathroom floor until this morning. He looked very handsome, especially after we convinced him his collars weren't suppose to be up but to lay flat.

Miller also loves to dress up like a cowboy. I think with the weather turning cold, and him wearing jeans with belt loops, triggered the itch. He finds a belt, stuffs guns in his pockets, and wears his trusty felt hat. And usually his adventures include Breyer. Mostly as the object to be tackled, shot or lassoed.

In my lesson today I reminisced on Tanner's six hour service requirement for boy scouts, sewing quilts for the Linus Project. Knowing these were bereavement blankets I'm sure helped, but as he pieced and sewed those quilts together, his heart softened. It was easy from there to talk about what being truly converted means, and how our actions indicate whether or not we have a change of heart.

We love you! Nine more days! Until then, remember to be safe, to be happy, and who you belong to.



P.S. While the boys were working on their cooking merit badge requirements, the instructor showed them that if you indent your hamburger patties, in the middle, with your thumb, the burger won't shrink while it's cooking. They all thought that was a very good tip.

Friday, November 14, 2014

First Grade Pen Pals

Dear Friends,

Thank you for thinking of me. I miss my old school. I go to Oak Woods. We are the Roadrunners. I have been learning about magnets, motion and force, directions, your character, and writing proper sentences. Texas is hotter than Ohio but now it is cold. I finally had to stop wearing shorts. There are 17 kids in my class. My favorite subject is reading. My brother Sawyer says hello! Please write again when you can.

Love, Miller

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Granbury City Old Western Jail

Visitors who are sage...

About visiting the cage...

With a scary, old tale...

In the spooky, old jail!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Grampy's Golf Game

Beautiful fall weather, rocking chairs, and a couple of youngsters all add up to a wonderful opportunity to show off some golf skillz, and learn from a golf pro.

Monday, November 10, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Boys,

What a wonderful week! Having your grandparents visit has been delightful, especially since only one of them was expected on Friday. Dad got a little lost, and a lot pulled over for speeding, but finally made it to the airport, only to get a little lost again on the way back and a lot late coming home. Getting up at 3 something made for an early night, but that night included dinner, cake, presents, and lots of laughs.

Thank you SO much for the card - loved your sweet thoughts to me. It was fun to get in the mail! Really appreciate your remembering me!

Breyer's newest obsession now comes in the form of Christmas catalogs that fill our mailboxes from now to Christmas. She pours over the pages looking for toys, and LOVES to have anyone share in her excitement. Thus far, her favorites are pink fairy wings, and a soft house full of cats.

Porter had a basketball scrimmage Saturday morning. He started the game but didn't play a lot, as the football players, there for the first time, played as their "try out." It is hard watching the team, as their style is so different than the last six years in Ohio. Much more outside shooting, and generally less of everything.

We took your grandparents to the old jail downtown. We'll post more pictures later, but suffice it to say Breyer was spooked by the dolls in the museum. She wouldn't stop talking about them and how she could hear the dolls walking. Funny girl! She was ready to run out of there, even before we learned about the resident ghost.

We also took Grampy to the closest golf course so he could watch the boys drive and putt. Of course they put on a great show, and of course, he was able to impart a few words of wisdom that helped Sawyer especially in driving with irons.

Porter and Cooper went to a dance last night at the Fort Worth stake center...the theme was super heroes. Cooper went as Clark Kent. His enthusiasm was contagious ;-) But the dance was really a "stand," according to Cooper, as no one danced!

Sawyer did a great talk today in church speaking. I've never heard of an 11 year old being asked but he was, and nailed it. I'll have to post a copy of his talk later. I'm glad your grandparents could hear him speak.

Of course it was GREAT speaking with you two! You're such a funny pair! We love hearing about your adventures! Unbelievable about the meth lab fire two stories above you. Climbing in and out of the window to get access to your apartment is funny, but to use the window for your Friday night was even better. 

We love you dearly! We're excited you're almost home! Endure to the end!



Sunday, November 9, 2014

Dearest Mother Dear

Not so very long ago, we chose to journey here below,
In spite of all the surly strife that'd surely fill this mortal life -
But something bade us all go on in following God's only Son.
One went first who understood, the world, though tough, would do us good.
Not much later and here we are, still following our Mother's star:
You went first because, you know, we'll always follow where you go.

Happy Birthday!

From your devoted sons,

Tanner and Hunter